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1. Hungary (4.4. – 7.4.11)

HungaryNot much to tell here, just on transit for a few days. The usual sightseeing. Took the train from Lüneburg (my hometown in Lower Saxony) to Hungarians‘ Capital Budapest. The Deutsche Bundesbahn charges for this ticket just 39 €, which they named ‚Europe Special‘. Easily bought on the Internet via their website. This is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to leave Western-Europe overland. The train arrives at Keleti International train station and takes approx. comfortable 12 hours from Lüneburg, via Vienna. Budapest itself is a very easy going city with surprisingly little traffic. You will see a lot of dark skinned people, mostly Gypsies and you won’t believe it – many Chinese. The later could come for a short period after the revolution without a visa. 30.000 came and stayed. Hungary still remains a nice Ostalgic feeling and is cheaper than expected. A half a liter of Ászok beer, one of the major brands goes for less than a 1 € in a local pub and a portion of the well known Hungarian specialty goulash, comes for less than 2 €!


Bradt and his Slavic friends

Bradt and his stylish Slavic friends

Hungarians are reserved and friendly people. They tend to keep a low profile and aren’t very fashionable e.g. When they become drunk they don’t get as noisy as Russians. Great!



 Hungarian Parliament